Inbound Marketing Trends of 2014

May 9, 2014, Posted By: Webpromotionerindia

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inbound marketing trends of 2014 Inbound Marketing Trends of 2014

There are several promising opportunities open for the inbound marketers of 2014. As the budget for the year is increased, the growth of the industry is certain. At the very beginning of the year, Cyrus, Senior Content Astronaut at Moz in Seattle, WA, announced an industry survey results. There, the demand of marketing activities has been changed a little which has an effect on the marketers who allocate most of their time on marketing.

The demand of content creation is increased by 70.94% in 2013. It was down at the beginning of the year, and the trend is expected to increase many times throughout the year 2014, and it will increase in this year by 64.46%.

The link building was in decreasing demand at 20.2%. The decreasing demand is also noticed in email marketing at 12.06, keyword research at 11.03% and link removal at 10.87%. When you want to compare the demand versus the spending amount by the marketers, the matchup is almost similar. The demand goes on Analytics, Keyword Research, Content Creation and Social Media Marketing services.

You will get lots of new and important information in regard to the inbound marketing trends. To get an improvement in the business, the new and latest information are essential. But, you have to find out the easiest ways to stay up to date on latest industry trends.
The SEO services demand lots of articles and blogs which are the greatest source of information and source of being up to date with the latest trends of marketing. The more you will read the authentic articles and blogs; you will be enriched with updated knowledge.

The Demand of SEO in Inbound Marketing

The digital markets have increased their budget for internet marketing in 2014. According to the strategy, it is great news for the SEO industry as it is starting to grow faster. According to the survey, 73% of those are using SEO or SEM for their marketing strategy of business. Some other 71% are using content management platform. It is noticed that the demand of content is greater than the SEO and SEM services.

Most of the marketers look forward to increase their budgets so that they meet the Exact Target. This makes you scale up all the expenditure and budget, effort and return from your business so that you can get the target result and the best return on investment. If once you set your target, you have to invest in acquiring knowledge by going through the best articles from article directories.

Be a King of Marketing, Invest On Contents

Content is the kind. The strategy of 2014 for inbound marketing will be highly depended on contents. It is predictable that a vast percentage of marketing personnel want to increase budgets on contents in this year. We hear a common excuse that they have not enough time for creating contents.

You have to make a target strategy for your marking. If the place for promotion is selected, and you have nailed down the target market, the target customers according to the products; you will be able to select the strategy of your content creation. If the demographical strategy is made, it will be easy to select your topic of contents. Then, create it for the target customers, post it in support of your business, spread them, and be a successful marketer. Saving time is the greatest achievement of your business success. Schedule all your activities; and if it is done, it is obvious that you will be able to save time. This saves time and gives the opportunity to utilize more time on other activities.

Select a Demographic Area and Create a Social Network

The demand of social media like Facebook, tweeter, Pinterest etc are the best options of making your target customers associated. When, you need a target customer-base in a selected area, you have the latest option to create social media profiles. As this is a great option of communicating with the target customers of a selected area, you might get high response from the customers. The most popular Facebook gets the highest traffic among all the social media. Being the highest visiting social website, Facebook dominates the successful social landscape.

The social network creates a successful channel for your target customers. If someone prefers to buy a product from a website advertized in the social media, the other users become easily attracted to buy the product. Thus, the social media are playing the most important part on marketing.

Make your website responsive

Now, most of the people are accessing Smartphone. They feel easy by using all kinds of Smartphone and its apps. The website that is not responsive, cannot be accessed in the mobile devices, tabs etc. So, the demand of responsive website is a lot. The Pew Research Center says that 90% of all Americans use Smartphone. So, your website should be responsive to get the best benefit from your inbound marketing. Except using desktop, most of the people want to use phones so that they do not miss any call, any message, and any mail or chat-service reply. Thus, they want to keep phones always beside them. So, responsive website is a must for your business.

Local SEO for your marketing strategy for the local searchers

Most of the people search with the keywords added their locality as they want to get the service from their locality. You will not accept to get the service from the west living in the east. So, develop your business demography according to your target location, expand your business there, and do the local SEO for your website. You have to be sure of creating a successful supply channel. The local people want to get the service in 24 hours. So, you have to be more active in the locality where you want to expand your business. Email marking provides you a great value to your business

Who does not want to expand their business at a lower cost? Email marketing is the most effective ways of increasing your business popularity. In 2014, email marketing is considered as the successful way of expanding your business. Being the lowest cost per lead, it is producing high quality and quantity of leads. It is no wonder that Email Marketing continues to be one of the favorite channels among online marketers.

At a time, email marketing was not so popular, and it was considered as spam. But, with the growth of electronic media and its popularity, the conception has been changed. Through emails, you can send now high quality ads with images, high quality written contents, videos, newsletters etc. This helps a lot to your inbound marketing.

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